"Clare is inspirational and insightful. She's a great listener and

recognizes the importance of organization and balance in your life.

Clare is compassionate, friendly, and very easy to talk to!"

Alicia H. - Health Coaching

"Eating is emotional- or at least it has been for me! When I called to make an

appointment with Clare, I felt despairing about not being able to make the

"right" choices, whatever those were. I was worried that the changes I needed to make

would be so overwhelming that I would feel like a failure for not being able to follow

through. But I also needed help because I had tried every diet in the book and was tired

of feeling like food controlled my life and I couldn't get it right. When we sat down to

meet, she was so helpful. Rather than talk about how to eat perfectly, we talked about

the role food was playing in my life, where I was getting tripped up and what new and

peaceful routines I could incorporate into my life. I LOVED how she didn't stress

perfection- that she indulges from time to time and believes it is part of being

a healthy human. Clare is passionate about her clients having a joyful and healthy

relationship wiht their health. Don't get me wrong, she definitely helped me with

nutrition knowledge! More importantly though, meeting with her was the turning

point for me. I still have struggles but she helped me tune into my intuition and find

more peace for myself- something I know will continue to get better."

Beth P. - Health Coaching 


"Clare is an amazing Thai massage therapist. I am a hair dresser and suffer with pain

in my wrists and extreme tightness in my hips and legs. Through regular massage I 

have seen so much improvement. Clare has also supported me in giving me suggestions

for improving my diet; things I can do to treat my body well. She has encouraged me

to get back into a regular yoga practice which has be great. If you're looking for

somebody to help you in all around body wellness, Lionheart Whole Living is for you!"

Heidi R. - Massage + Yoga + Health 


"Words fall short in expressing the amount of impact Clare has had on my life in a 

very short amount of time. I was a very unhealthy eater (a nice way of saying I put a

lot of crap in my body), overweight and pre-diabetic. I needed to make some

drastic changes I know I could not have made on my own. Clare showed me that healthy

food could taste great! I believe her multidimensional approach of looking at all areas

of your life is important. She has the insight to choose the right books for me to read 

and I love that she keeps it simple, flexible, and fun. I'm 15 pounds lighter, exercising

5 days a week, my blood sugar levels are back in normal range, and I shattered my

5,000m rowing time! I've never felt better."

Brian S. - Health Coaching