Health Coaching

My Philosophy|
I believe that leading a healthy lifestyle involves accessing the emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies to create full balance. I believe that eating processed foods and low quality foods leads to chronic pain, illness, and disease in the body, and that without looking at our lives as a whole, we are only living a portion of optimal health and well being. I believe that eating nutrient dense foods that are real, whole, and delicious, fuels our energy, decreases our stress, and allows us to operate in a more grounded and joyous way. 
My Truth|
Like many, I am an emotional and sensitive creature. It took my years to realize that I could stay grounded, reduce stress, increase my energy, and stay happy through diet and lifestyle changes. I find ways to incorporate herbs into my daily routine, because I believe herbs have a place in all areas of our life. I strongly believe in finding self-care routines that increase the love and respect we have for ourselves. 
While the food we eat is number one in leading a higher quality of life, so are daily routines, adjustments in physical activity, and taking care of ourselves as often as we can. Well being is multifaceted, and not only is it important to find what works for us, it is necessary. 
My goal is to share with you the knowledge I have accumulated over the years and guide you into new information to help you find out which areas of your life are calling to you. Whether it be nutrition, herbalism, self-care, or yoga, I can help. The journey is well worth it. 
Free 20-minute Health Coaching phone consultation|
Let's chat! Goals, obstacles, intentions surrounding wellness, we'll get you there, but first I have to learn a little bit about you! In this conversation we will do just that and get you on the right track. 
Please visit the "Book Online" tab to reserve your appointment! Bookings available only for herbalism, nutrition, and wellness, not thai massage.  
Yoga Teacher Training 200 hrs, Core Power Yoga, 2011
Professional Development Training with Amy Ippoliti, 90 Monkeys Studio, 2012
Certified Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, 2014
Herbalism Roots, 500 hrs herbalism training, Denver Integrative Massage School, 2014 
The Science + Art of Herbalism, with Rosemary Gladstar, 40 year Master Herbalist, 2015