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Hello! And welcome to blog post number one from Lionheart Whole Living. This blog is intended to encourage healthy lifestyle choices, through bodywork suggestions, home remedies through herbs and plant life, and tips on eating well and feeling good. There are so many avenues we can take to living a healthy lifestyle, and there is absolutely no formula!

For me, when I wake up in the morning, it's an opportunity to evaluate how I can make the best choices for my body and my mind that day. Each day looks different and that's the beauty of life. Living well should feel good, be inspiring, and be stress-free. The more stress we put on ourselves to live well, the harder it is to actually achieve it. My week looks a lot more exhausting when I am trying to figure out how I am going to squeeze in my yoga, cardio, high intensity training, rest days, etc. So instead I wake up and each day and decide how I feel, and how I want to feel. If you work better scheduling exercise into your planner, then by all means! But that's exactly my point, whatever can decrease the stress of keeping your body healthy, the better, so find a way that works for you.

I have the luxury of making my own schedule. So it's much easier for me to plan out every meal the morning of and eat how I want to. For some, making meals the night before is the best way to go. If you know that Tuesday is packed with appointments from 8am until 4pm, know that you are going to have to plan out your lunch on Monday night so you aren't stuck without food or with something fast and easy that doesn't agree with your body.

The biggest lesson I have learned in leading a healthy lifestyle is to never feel guilty if I didn't have the most ideal day or week. Because there is always a new day, always a new week, and always a time when we have to work with what we have!

Start writing down what a healthy body and mind look like to you, and in small ways see how you can work towards actively living in those ways. Maybe your biggest goal is incorporating meditation into your week, so start looking at what that looks like. And then do it.



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