Nut Milk

I've written about nut milk before, but I'm going to post a recipe again because it seems it's still taking time to catch on.

Why is it important to make your own nut milk? Three major reasons for me:

1. It requires 2 ingredients, as opposed to store bought nut milks which usually have up to 5 ingredients, including carrageenan, which is a thickening element which can essentially do the same thing in internally in your body. Not good.

2. The more variables you can reduce in your diet, the better! This includes the process, the shipping, the sitting on the shelf, the ingredients. At home you are using 2 ingredients and it stays fresh for up to four days, encouraging you to always have fresh milk.


I think those are pretty valid reasons to make your own nut milk. I'm staying vague because you can pretty much use any nut to make milk. What will you need to make this?

Nut milk bag (NOT a cheese cloth... the mesh is not small enough), blender, water, nuts.


1.5 cups nuts (i use almonds) SOAK over night or longer.

3.5 cups cold water


strain through nut milk bag


I like it plain but if you wanted it sweetened you can add honey or maple syrup or vanilla.


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