Designing Your Life

Last summer I bought my very first house in the Highlands area of Denver, CO near Sloan's Lake. For me, the perfect spot. I lived in small 500 SF loft for three years before finding this property, and I have been so grateful for it. Like many of us, I am a very sensitive person. I feel alot, I am affected by things, I have opinions on life, and I like to engage with society. I thrive off of meeting people and emersing myself into the community. That being said, it's important to understand great self care and a healthy living environment. I have found that these two things have completely changed the way I operate in this world.

As a woman of many hats, I try to incorporate all of the things I do with work into my personal life. I try my best to learn from what I am studying and teaching to others. Some examples? Healthy eating, a regular yoga practice, supportive relationships, and my favorite, designing your living space so that it feels good and inspiring to you.

I don't make a lot of money in the work that I do, so I turn to my thrifty side to help me out when it comes to designing my home. My closest friend, Kim, has the same passion for this as me, and also a background in interior design, so she quickly became my wingwoman. I have probably spent under $100 filling my space with creative objects, making simple adjustments, and improving my house. Here are three tricks to creating the space you want:

1. Dumpster diving. People literally put amazing things that they think are junk, in the ally... and guess what? They are total gems. A little sanding and a little paint can go a long way.

2. Estate/Garage sales. Every single weekend in Denver there are garage sales all over the city. You can bargain just like at a market in Europe, and scrape up whatever change you have in your car and usually find at least 2 items. Just drive around and you'll see. Hot spots: Highlands and Cherry Creek.

3. TRADE!! If you have any skillset whatsoever that you think somebody could benefit from, always offer up trade first in return for some housework that you can't do yourself! I recently traded thai massage for some kitchen work that required a talented handyman.... $0 spent.

Making changes to improve your home isn't just for aesthetics, although that's huge. It makes you want to use your space! It will make you want to cook in your kitchen, and experiment, and get creative, and utilize all the tools you know you have. Get in touch with your creative side, your handyman side, and start making the adjustments around your physical space that are going to get you out of bed in the morning.

I have been the most inspired in my work and my personal life since dedicating time and a very small amount of money to creating a space I love to live in. I work from home, but even when I am not home, I can't wait to return to it. This kind of excitement is really important. To be inspired by your own life is SO powerful. Start eating well, making the majority of your meals and food from home, ditch the crappy unsupportive friends and lovers, and design a life that works for you!


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