Why I Cut Out Dairy, and Why It Took So Long...

I have been studying nutrition for a few years, and formally studying it for one, through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. We studied so many different theories around food, and different avenues people could take towards bettering their health and how they feel. I felt going into the program that I had a very good understanding of food. And I still feel that way. But just becuase I know it doesn't mean I follow it. I think many people feel that in order to acheive healthy living they have to be super rigid with their food or become a vegan, or something along those lines... but it's not true. It's just about finding what works for you.

I was certain that I could eat pretty much anything in moderation. I have never struggled with weight, or skin problems, or digestive issues, or anything of that matter. So I always allowed myself to eat whatever. About one month ago, maybe more, I started developing a red rash-like situation around my nose. I figured it was just dry skin and that it would go away. But it didn't. It started moving around my face, and mainly under my eyes and between my brow. It became incredibly frustrating so I started doing the research and figured out what it was. It's called perioral dermatitis, or PD. It is very common in women between the ages of 25-40. Some men get it but it is more common for women. The cause is basically unknown, but there are a lot of possibilities. Most often than not it is caused by products. Flouride in toothpaste, sulphates in your shampoo, chemicals in your cleaning products, and often times, cinnamon.

So I did just that. Switched to Tom's of Maine toothpaste, sulphate free shampoo, African Black Clay Soap, all Seventh Generation products, stopped washing my face and only moisturize with olive oil, and although those changes made me feel good, the symptoms were still there.

What PD really is, is a form of eczema. And eczema is commonly caused by diet. Most people will solve their dry rashy skin with a topical treatment. But I wanted to do it the organic way. I chose to cut out dairy and eggs, which are common allergens, especially to skin, and here I am... with practically clear skin. It is all going away. My clear skin that I have had my whole life is back... yay!

If you need a second affirmation that cutting out dairy gives you clear glowing skin you can ask Gabrielle Bernstein. She suffered from terrible acne and cutting out dairy solved the issue for her. And she's gorgeous.

Aside from giving me clear skin, it also encourages better eating. I have to be smarted about my food choices every day because dairy and eggs are in almost everything. My veggie intake has increased significantly, which has always been hard for me, and my proteins are cleaner and better.

If you need or want more information on finding healthy patterns for you, give me a shout! I'd be happy to help :)

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