How To Eat Well On A Budget:: And Good

Eating on a budget is something I am very familiar with. As a freelancer my income comes and goes and does not have the consistency that a 9-5 has. No complaints whatsoever, but it comes with a few cons. All that means is that a bit of effort is required to work with that small downfall. My sister and I like to call this budget week the "rice and beans" diet. The great news about eating on a budget is that you are actually eating healthier than you may usually eat. You know why? Because packaged food is cheap does not last. Once you eat it it's gone and cannot be used again. Perishables such as fruits and veggies and lean proteins have multiple uses. Here are some things that I do when I am on a budget.

First of all it's important to always have a few things in your house if you are trying to save money:

Frozen Fruit

Almond Butter

Nuts (keep them refrigerated)




Grains (gluten free if that's what you prefer)

Frozen Meats (that were once frozen...available to thaw)

I always have these things in my house because I will ALWAYS have something to eat.

For breakfast I pretty much always have a smoothie. So if I have my frozen fruits then I am good to go.

There are a couple of things that you can do for lunch:

GREENS! I honestly do not find vegetables expensive. You get a lot for your money. So I make salads at lunch. I pack them with fruits and nuts so that it's a sustainable salad. Always massage your kale or spinach in olive oil, lemon, and sea salt in order for it to be extra tasty.

My absolute favorite go-to for eating on a budget is a whole roasted chicken.

I pick mine up at Sprouts, because the quality of meat is pretty good and the prices are affordable.

Set oven to 400. Stuff your chicken with lemon halves, season with olive oil, lemon juice, thyme, rosemary, sea salt, and black pepper. I fill my pan with carrots and mushrooms so it cooks into the juices. Bake for about 45 minutes.

With this whole chicken you've got dinner and lunch for a few days. You can have sandwhiches, salads, etc.

For extra carbs that's why you make a big pot of your favorite grains in the beginning of the week so you can have it's multiple uses. If you're making something like millet or kamut or brown rice, you can even turn it into a breakfast porridge by adding these ingredients:

Steamed Almond Milk


Chia seeds

brown sugar or honey

YUM. and healthy.

Almond butter should always be available because it's a great protein to throw into your breakfast but it's also a great snack. Throw it on your celery, apples, whatever you want and be satisfied.

These are just a few examples of healthy eating on a budget. For more info on healthy eating tips and even nutritional guidance, email me at

Happy Eating!

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