Learning Lessons and Giving Thanks

Sometimes it can be difficult to practice what you preach. I am finding that every day because of the work and world that I live in and that I have dedicated my life to. I've studied yoga, thai massage, nutrition, and herbalism and I am just now starting to implement these studies into my life when I am not on the mat, or massaging, or leading people nutritionally. It's common in this hip yoga world to suffer from what many call "spiritual materialism." The term was coined by Chogyam Trungpa and is based on the idea that ego development is counter to spiritual progress. I see this every single day. I cannot speak for anybody else except myself, but I think that is why I resonate with the teachings of Elena Brower so well. She has spent the past chunk of her life shifting the dynamic between how she lives and her teachings on the mat. She is raw and speaks truthfully about the process of integrating these lessons into your every day life. I am seeking the same for myself.

It's easy to guide people nutritionally when you care about food and you've studied it. It's easy to give somebody a thai massage and smoke them out with palo santo and sage to clear the bad energy. It's easy to teach compassion and gratitude in a yoga class. And it's easy to dig up osha root and make a healing honey out of it.

What's not easy? Telling people to cut out gluten because it is an inflammatory and then consuming it every day and feeling like junk. Clearing out somebody's energy with sage when you are the one bringing in the bad energy in the first place. Teaching compassion after you just shamed somebody for something they did to you. And maybe the worst, digging up a plant that is full of healing energy when you haven't even given it thanks for being on this earth.

These are my lessons. The ones that I look at every single day. The ones that put my habits and patterns right infront of my face and ask me to be a witness to myself.

Going back to my last blog post, this is one of the reasons why yoga has ruined my life. Because more than ever in my life I am in a position to shift and change and it's pretty difficult. Self work is hard work.

I may not be able to speak for everybody and say that there is a disconnect between life on and off the mat, but I feel pretty confident about that. I think that is why there is such a big movement for "saving this world" and acting with kindness or else everything will end.

The good news with recognizing the disconnect is that there is SO much space. So much that can be done to create more harmony between the two worlds. Healthy eating can be improved, the search for spirituality can grow, appreciation for the wild and beautiful earthly beings of nature can exist, and we can generally be more kind :)

The dynamic of living wellness and knowing wellness are why I stay in it. I find that some of the most inspiring people are the ones who have found a way to change for the better. To blend together their teachings and knowledge within the chaos and hard world that we live in. I would like to thank a few people who have been inspirational in my life, some I know, some I don't know.

First of all, to my best friend, the one who has stood by my side through every hard and beautiful time for over four years. Griffen Qualls, I don't know what I would do without you. Never judging, always loving. To Megan Slawson and Taryn Slawson, my Sagittarius soul sisters who get me and understand me in all ways. And to the people I've never met, Elena Brower and Gabrielle Bernstein, who have made their way out of difficult times and are living their truth in all ways.

Onward and Upward :)

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