Seasonal Fruits and Veggies: Fall + Winter Eating

Nowadays you can get any fruit or vegetable at any time of the year pretty much wherever you go. Once upon a time people truly lived "off the land," which meant that they were eating whatever was available during that season. Corn and summer squash in the summer, apples and leafy greens in the fall, winter squash and carrots during winter, berries and rhubarb during the spring. You get the point. I look at history and see that people were a lot healthier in so many ways because of the fact that they were limited to solely eating seasonaly and minimally. Doesn't it make sense that we attempt that now as well? Sure there are a lot of things that factor into not being able to eat that way anymore, and I am not even suggesting that we all turn to the paleo lifetsyle. I am suggesting that I make a stronger attempt at eating what is naturally grown during certain times of the year. When these fruits and veggies are getting the nutrients they get from being native to a certain land and from having their space to grow how they should instead of being forced to grow out of season.

One of the reasons why it may be difficult to eat seasonally is because of the lack of knowledge. There are SO many different vegetables out there that we are not even touching for the most part that are so delicious and nutritious. I figured I would put together a list of great things to eat as we move into the colder months. And these are focused regionally as well, make an effort to source your food locally when you can and you will feel a whole lot better.


+ Beets

+ Broccoli

+ Brussel Sprouts

+ Cabbage

+ Carrots

+ Cauliflower

+ Eggplant

+ Kale

+ Mushrooms

+ Potatoes

+ Pumpkins

+ Squash


+ Apples

+ Kumquats

+ Starfruit

+ Lychee

+ Persimmons

I hope this is all helpful info! Happy seasonal eating! xo


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