Morning Routines:: Without Your Morning Your Day Is Shot

I truly believe that allowing yourself to have success and productivity in your day, your morning cannot be sacrificed. In an ideal world, we would have all the time in the world during the morning to create the perfect day. But I know that is not always the case. The goal every day is not to be perfect, but to do our best. The morning is the perfect opportunity to set yourself up for a healthy day because without that structure, there is a higher tendency to eat like crap, pick and snack, and just generally not make the best decisions. I have always been a morning person by nature so I am sympathetic towards those that this does not come easy to. Some people are night owls. Even so, put the effort in to be the healthiest you can be, and if you slip it's not a big deal, it's just a change to find growth through your trials. I'll show you what a typical morning looks like for me, and if it doesn't seem accessible, I'll give you tips to make it so.

+Wake up at a decent hour. By "decent" I mean anytime between 6am and 8am. Any later than that it gets harder to get into routine. Create structure from square one.

+Make a nutritious breakfast. I believe that all of our bodies and systems are different, but I have found that there are a few key nutrients that we can all thrive off of in the morning. Here are my favorite go-to's for breakfast that are pretty quick

>Smoothie (berries/banana of your choice, with added superfoods-maca, hemp, cacao, chia, etc)

>Toast with almond butter, banana, and raw honey

>Toast with avocado mash, sea salt, and black pepper

+Give yourself enough time to drink your morning beverage. Whether you prefer coffee, herbal tea, or lemon water, giving yourself that meditative space to enjoy your morning drink gives you the opportunity to slow down, and keep that pace throughout the day.

+Get dressed and enjoy your day!

I like to give myself an hour for this routine. That might be ideal for some, but consider waking up just a tad earlier and see how this can shift your day. Some tips for making this easier in the morning are to prepare your things the night before.

+Pick your outfit of the day the night before, set it out and know that's what you are wearing.

+Prepare your breakfast the night before. If you are juicing, chop all veggies and fruits, or for your smoothie have your fruit bowl and superfoods mixture ready to throw in the blender.

+Prepare your lunch that you will take to work the night before. If you don't have the correct containerware, make a trip to IKEA and grab a bunch of tupperware to make it easy. Leftovers, sandwhiches, whatever it may be, get it ready to go in the evening.

+Turn off all electronics and take a few moments of silence before hitting the sack. I find that if I am on the computer of phone up until the moment I go to bed that my night is a little more restless. Try it and see how being still and silent before bed can imrove your sleep.

+Final tip for all moments of the day. DRINK WATER! Stay hydrated and keep the drama low.

I hope this is helpful! It has definitely made major improvements in my life since I singled out an hour in the morning just for me and fueling my body in a more structured way.



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