The Universe Has Your Back

It's October 2nd, the beginning of a new month and there are clear signs that winter is not too far away. I'm sitting in my bedroom looking out the window, watching the trees aggressively blow and it just feels like a new season all around. Even the clouds look different. I know everybody loves fall and everybody says it's the best season, because it is. I only know a small handful of people that are not looking forward to the cold season. But for me I love it mainly because of what it represents. Change, obviously, but moreso a way to get clear on life. Maybe it's because I was born in New England and spent my whole life on the east coast, but I love to bundle up on a cold day and figure out the next steps are in my life. I am always thinking of what is next, which can be a really difficult personality trait to own... always finding it hard to live in the present moment (one of my many challenges in life). But this year is a very definitive turning point in my life. I will be turning 28 next month, and the things I have learned about myself are becoming really clear.

This year I went through a difficult break-up, one of many in my life, and I have only myself to take care of. I am in the middle of a very inspiring herbalism program, I have made some really amazing new friends, and even connected with some old ones. I can say confidently that I am really looking forward to the great things that have shown up in my life the past few months, and will continue into 2015. Only if I listen, though. That's the trick. We as humans live in a world where the universe truly has our back. It gives us chance after chance to fuck up until we finally learn. Not just one or two chances, but as many as we want until we are willing to listen and make shifts.

So my way of listening to the mistakes I've made and outcomes I've experienced, is to challenge myself to the utmost self-care in the month of October. 31 days of yoga and no alcohol. It's not that much to achieve, but I know it will be hard. But as I said to my friend on the phone yesterday, "what's the worst that could happen? I feel amazing at the end of the month?" Yeah, there are no downfalls to this. I guess above all I just want to FEEL and be totally connected to myself as I move forward into the final years of my 20s.

Here's to a beautiful season filled with soulful experiences and positive relationships :)

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