My Natural Products + Skincare Routine

It took me a long time to set into motion my holistic behavior both inside and out. I understand the importance of eating well long before I understood the importance of using healthy organic products externally. I just wanted to write a short post about the products I use every day to keep my skin and body as healthy as possible.

Deoderant:: Tom's of Maine Lavender

Body Soap:: African Black Clay Soap (I buy this at any health foods store)

Toothpaste:: Tom's of Maine Wicked Fresh

Shampoo + Conditioner:: Anything all natural and sulphate free

Skincare:: Osmia Organics- Black Clay Facial Soap, Active Gel Toner, Purely Simple Face Cream (I swear by these products, visit their site! They are a local company, Carbondale, so support!)

Cleaning Products:: All Seventh Generation + Method Products

My perfume is Coco Chanel Mademoiselle and I will use it for life :) Can't go all natural there!


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