Steamboat Springs:: Yes, I think I'll Live There Now.

This weekend was one of those times when you just decide to drive with no purpose... adventure being the only thing in mind. After a wild week, the mountains were the one thing that would balance me out. Steamboat Springs it was. A place I had never been. I have been living in Colorado just over four years, and I was a little embarrassed that I hadn't made it. So a good friend jumped in the car with me and joined me on my adventure. We just happened to arrive on one of the most beautiful fall days there ever was. I will say that after growing up on the east coast, and much of my life in New England, there is no fall that can compare, but my experience in Steamboat was still magical.

We drove in around 3 and went to the river to sit down and have a beer. Hefewiesen and fried Colorado catfish...yum. A little shopping at some of the cutest boutiques I've been to, and a short hike up to one of the largest waterfalls in Colorado. I have missed small New England towns for years, but being in Steamboat was so similar it made me happy knowing I had something like it right in my own state. Happy hearts. Driving back from the waterfall I had my friend slam on the breaks, because I saw something in nature that was one of the main reasons I chose to go to the mountains. My favorite plant... rosehips!! Yes. I just love them. They are not only adorable and vibrant, but also incredibly medicinal. Highly packed with antioxidants and vitamin C, they have so many fun uses. I attempted elderberry rosehip fruit gummies... it basically turned out like mild jello, meh, i will give it a second try soon :) Rosehips is also great in a delicious tea blend is one of my favorite uses! We pulled off onto the side of the road and got to harvesting, and they were just perfect. Let the drying process begin! Can't wait til I can use these suckers.

On top of all of this beauty, I closed out this day with an amazing view of the Alpen Glow.... wow. Words cannot describe this sight, an in person experience it is. Just hills glowing purple, gold, yellow, blue, every vibrant color of fall. And at the top of it all was the first sight of snow.... So basically it was Narnia.

It was really the perfect weekend, thanks Steamboat Springs for showing me a beautiful fall, and where I will probably move in the near future :)

rosehip .jpg

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