Liver Support: The Herbal Way

There is so much to know about herbalism in this world, and what I know is so small. I am SO eager to learn as much as possible NOW, but it gets overwhelming. I get stressed thinking about all the different plants and herbs I still don't know about, and all the ways in which you can use them. That's why I have figured out that the best way to use herbs is to look at what you need in your own personal life and how those herbs will benefit your current health. For example, to help clear up the rest of my dermatitis, I chose to look into a tincture that would support my liver. When you start to break down the mystery behind the plants to see why you're taking them and how they effect your body, you just want to know more, and trust me, they work. Here's what's in my liver tincture and why!

What's in my liver tincture? 5 key ingredients:

>Milk Thistle





There are so many reasons why you want to support your liver when struggling with any sort of dermatitis, whether it be eczema, acne, rosacea, etc. The liver has various functions, but the main one related to skin is its' effects on your blood. A healthy liver helps regulate blood sugar levels for healthy skin. And when your liver is negatively effected, it results in dry, cracked, irritated, and inflammed skin. For me, I struggle regularly with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) if I am not paying attention to good nutrition and liver function, so it's important that I get all the support I can from my herbal remedies. Each plant in this liver tincture have a very specific role.

>Milk Thistle:: part of the astoraceae family, this plant detoxifies and purifies the liver. The main compound, silymarin, helps repair the liver cells that have been damaged by alcohol and toxins, pretty awesome, and something we all need. Silymarin also encourage liver cell growth and decreases inflammation which is why it is commonly used to treat psoriasis.

>Dandelion:: this is a diuretic, which increases water and waste products in the urine. It has a mild stimulating effect on the liver. When use as a fresh plant tincture or tea it has incredible medicinal effects on dissolving urinary stones, and kidney inflammation. The other great thing about dandelion is that is it a completely nontoxic plant without any contraindications.

>Yellowdock:: the root of yellowdock is great for liver congestion and poor digestion, while the whole plant's primary uses are for treating constipation, blood disorders, skin diseases, rheumetism, and indigestion. Combined with echinacea, burdock, and sarsaparilla, its great for acne.

>Burdock:: this is a widely used blood purifier and alterative. Different from the other plants, burdock works best when there are chronic and nonacute skin, sweat, or sebaceous eruptions, ranging from acne to psoriasis.

>Turmeric:: this herb is really unique, not only because it's been used in India for thousands of years as a spice and a medicine, but also because of its healing properties. Curcumin is its main property, giving it antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. So the turmeric helps to decrease inflammation in the kidneys and skin. Super important.

If you're interested in learning more about herbalism and how it can be integrated into your life I recommend various things. One, sign up for the Herbalism Roots program through the Denver Integrative Massage School this winter, OR go check out Apothecary Tinctura, one of Denver's herbal hotspots, AND where I will be interning. More knowledge coming your way so stay tuned!


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