A Happy Home Makes for Wholesome Health


One of the reasons why I love health coaching so much is because it encompasses all areas of your life. Many people are interested in health coaching because they are looking for accountability when it comes to their nutrition. Interestingly enough, nutrition in health coaching is actually what we call "secondary food." Before that is "primary food." What is that you might ask? Primary foods include things like relationships, spirituality, career, physicaly activity, etc. The actualy food that you eat is a secondary food. I work from home the majority of the time, so I know that for me to be inspired or motivated to complete work tasks, it's important that my house feels good, looks good, and has a freshness to it. That comes from being a creative person, but it also comes from who I am in a lot of ways.

I grew up with really bad learning disabilities my whole life. Constantly struggling with school, paying attention in class, getting homework done, spending countless hours on assignments with my parents, and also seeing a regular tutor. I was diagnosed with ADHD in second grade and was put on Ritalin after many long and exhausting hours of testing. I stayed on medication all the way up until my junior year of college.... about 13 years! Although medication helped me in a lot of ways (and we won't get into a debate about medicating your children... that's for another time), most of the time it made me so fixated on other things that I had to clean everything in site before I could actually get any work done. Even when I made the decision to go off of Adderall in college, those habits stayed with me. At the end of the day it's really just about organization and how you work well. And I am a firm believer that in order to keep inspiration and motivation going, you must must must feel good in your physical space!

If you have crap everywhere, piling ontop of everything, no categories, no homes for those things, get on it. Find ways that get you going so that you know where everthing is. You don't want to waste your time searching through your junk just so that you can start doing the actual work. Here are a few tips to feel good in your space:

1. If you've had something you haven't used or worn in 1.5 years, get rid of it! You are probably never going to use it again.

2. Candles + Plant life. These two things are crucial in my home and they don't have to cost a fortune. Candles make your space feel lighter and plants (whether dead or alive) give your place life. They straigh up make you feel good!

3. Shelving + Office supplies. If you have paperwork everywhere, get a filing cabinet and folders. Spend a day sorting through your bills and office work and get them filed away. Even if you are not a small business order it's important for everything in your life to have a place and a home. Go to IKEA, get over the long drive it takes to get there because their filing cabinets are good and inexpensive.

4. Clean up! This is just in general for all people. Make time every day to fold your clothes, make your bed, wash the dishes, and keep up on decluttering. It's mega important for your sanity and if you don't do it then it will highly effect your ability to stay focused on your work even if you don't recongize it.

I hope these tips help! Keep your eyes open and constantly be looking for things that will spice up your house and light you up every day.


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