The Power of Stillness

A few months ago I was in a rut with my work. I felt really disconnected with almost everything I was doing in my career. Having those moments where I questioned everything and felt uncertain about my capabilities. I felt like I had no strengths, and the ones I did have, nobody cared about. It seemed like everybody around me was thriving and I was stuck. In turn I leaned on my partner far too much and was unable to gain clarity. I wasn't sure what to do, when it hit me that I had so many tools and resources to really get me out of that negative, useless space. I reached out to a teacher of mine who has dedicated his whole life to living and studying yoga. I told him I wanted to chat about the direction of my spirituality, so we did. Hanging out on the floor of the yoga studio after class, we talked about the art of being.

I've learned lately that the art of being involves two things:

+Shifting the language around the state of your life


There was one thought that has stayed with me since that conversation, that has helped me with the "stuckness" of my life. "You cannot think your way into things." That's exactly what I was doing. Every time I felt something was going wrong in my life I said to myself, "ok, what action can I take to get myself out of this place." And it really isn't about actively changing anything, it's about stillness. I was given a homework assignment that was to be completed daily. It consisted of three things:

+30 minutes Asana

+10 minutes Pranayama

+10 minutes Meditation

To be honest with you I don't do these things every day. I strive to, and most days I do. Since setting these to-do's into place, I have naturally added a few more things that help me find stillness each day. I connect with nature, breathe fresh air, read, and write. Finding time each day to breathe and relax helps my life evolve in the way it was intended. You absolutely have to let life's plan unfold on their own. That's not to the same as being passive, let's be clear about that part. But knowing that the universe is supporting your dreams is a really powerful thing to remember. When I ask my mentor how to get the answers, all he says is "practice. practice. practice." These three things I practice. When that feeling of doubt and fear starts to surface, stillness has a place.

I feel like these tools allow me to escape the chaotic mind, the lost feeling, the role of the victim, and mainly the ego. Gabrielle Bernstein said in her lecture last week, "you don't need to be at rock bottom to want more in your life." I love this. I love that even though things can seemingly be going well, you can still want more, you can strive to be better. Try these tips and see what unfolds.



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