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Name: Judd Anderson

Age: 59

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Occupation: Executive Director, Reach High Baltimore: Rowers Empowering Baltimore Youth

Interests: Reading science, history, philosophy, + poetry; hiking, biking, rowing, cooking

What core values do you strive to live by?

Keeping relationships strong, encouraging others, building networks that get things done, and trying not to be disgusted with sloth, mediocrity and low expectations, especially with respect to people with resources.

What draws you to your yoga mat?

Yoga is a need more than a want. When I played competitive tennis into my 40's I was pulling muscles in my back until I started doing yoga. I have not had trouble with any of the stresses of intense rowing even though rowing puts a lot of pressure on the spine, lower back and lat muscles; largely because of the flexibility that yoga provides me, I have been injury-free for many years of demanding training in a shell.

How do your values + yoga align in your life?

Standing properly, holding yourself up, staying centered, breathing long and consciously and focusing on small, sometimes hidden corners of yourself all translate well to my work trying to help people (inner city youth) discover new potential for themselves and not be trapped by the limitations imposed by their environment or their internalized poor self-image.

What are you biggest challenges on the yoga mat?

First, getting to class, when a million other things cry out; second, once there, really being there; third, not trying too hard or muscling what is not supposed to be forced.

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