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Name: Andrea Potas

Age: 30

Hometown: Yankton, SD

Occupation: Personal Stylist, Nordstrom

Interests: Fashion, yoga, sunshine, adventure, people, dance parties, healthy living- food + exercise

What core values do you strive by?

Honesty with myself and others, patience, and communication.

What draws you to your yoga mat?

When I come to my yoga mat I get away from the wild world and I'm able to connect with myself and get inside the body.

How do your values + yoga align in your life?

When I get on my yoga mat I am doing something for myself that allows me to be my best during the day. It allows me to be honest, patient, and easily communicate with my friends, family, co workers and clients. I work in a very stimulating environment and being able to bring my yoga mindset off the mat is extremely helpful.

What are your biggest challenges on the yoga mat?

The wandering mind and breath. When I am practicing difficult poses I need to make sure to breathe. Like many others my mind has a tendency to wander about work, friends, memories, and I have to be aware of that to bring myself back to the present.

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