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Name: Briana Young-Roane

Age: 34

Hometown: Inglewood, CA

Occupation: Yoga Teacher + Mom

Interests: I LOVE dancing everywhere! Drinking coffee calms my soul. I enjoy reading cards and anything to do with astrology makes me happy.

What core values do you strive to live by?

This question makes me nervous because I am always judging myself and checking in to see if I am living what I preach. If I had to pick a few values I would pick these:

-I am a spiritual being living a human experience – meaning I’m going to fail at times, I’m more than likely going to have to check my feelings and emotions at times, that I’m living something that is foreign to my essence and in that I am just going to make mistakes Treat your body like you treat your home. – I don’t put trash in my home, and I’m surely not putting it into my body.

-Freely express yourself! – I don’t care what people think about me, I allow myself to dream, dress, plan, and live as freely as I see fit.

-Live your bliss! Whatever makes me happy I do.

-Give the Universe your magic. – I only try to put out what I would like back. I try not to complain, smile even when I’m sad, I encourage others to live their bliss, and follow the stars to light my way even when I feel blind.

What draws you to your yoga mat?

Besides yoga being my career and teaching calls me on the mat everyday outside of that I believe is a need. I find my mat as one of the safest places in my world. I forget about society, my family, my obligations, my imperfections and I allow the essence of my spirit to spill everywhere without holding back. My mat is another journal of my life. Instead of words I use my body.

How do your values + yoga align in your life?

Most people think that yoga is just an asana based practice, but if you study yoga you are aware that there are 8 limbs of yoga; 7 of which really rely on the actual living part of us. In my life I always try and remind myself that my breathing (pranayama) keeps me sane and aware, and to include the yamas and niyamas (8 limb path) into my daily life. They are very easy and remind us to stay honest to who we are, what we strive to give others, and how our footprints effect everyone around us. My practice is happening every day, and more importantly it it growing every day. I try not to change what I do on and off the mat. Mistakes are made in both places, but if I accept them, meditate on my reflections, and live fully after the mistakes, I know I've done a good job.

What are your biggest challenges on the yoga mat?

I'm not a very social person, so sometimes I don't share what happens on my mat with other people. I really like to practice on my own and in return I have become somewhat of a yoga hobbit. I rarely practice in the yoga studio because I feel like the space may be tainted. It's a struggle for me to disconnect from what I have created on my yoga mat, and that has created challenges in growing more because I am so protective of my haven.


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