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I love being a Health Coach for so many reasons. But as I stress often in my work and in my life, self-care is always at the top of the list. For me, taking care of myself extends beyond salt baths, healthy eating, and bodywork. It goes to another world of beauty, aesthetic, and the small things in life that can brighten your mood in a matter of seconds. To be inspired is one of the greatest feelings I experience in life. I accomplish more, I am happier, I communicate better, and I feel good. I often post photos of my home, my clothing, my design taste, etc. I thought today I would share my top ten favorite people and sites that inspire me the most to make my home a beautiful place to live and work, and inspires my outfit choices as well. It's a simple list but if you are anything like me, you like to learn about new people and things that can give you fresh ideas.

1. Terrain, Anthropologie's home + garden line. This site is full of ideas for your patio, your garden, + your home. Although it's expensive, I use it as a resource for finding new ways to create beautiful spaces.


2. Gretchen Jones, Designer + winner of season 8 Project Runway. This one might seem funny to you, but Project Runway has been a favorite of mine since it started eons ago. Gretchen Jones, along with maybe a few others, is one that has personal style + taste, and continued on after the show to create amazing garments that are ready to wear and gorgeous. She understands taste and affordability, something I need :) Check out her blog and site The Neutral Territory and you'll see what I mean.


3. House in The Hills, Sarah Yates, food + lifestyle blogger. This adorable soul does everything from write about healthy amazing food to share photos of style and travel. She is light and approachable, but also struggles with Crohn's disease; something she writes openly about. Looking for overall life inspiration, she's a good one.


4. Local Milk, Beth Kirby, food, styling, travel + gatherings. Beth Kirby is dark and simple. She openly shares her past with the world and uses food and community as tools to thrive. Her recipes are delicious and her photogrpahy is stunning. Not only is her work aesthetically pleasing, but her style is as well. She is a regular go-to of mine when I need to get creative in the kitchen.


5. Well+Good, Healthy living website. This site is spot on. Started by two successful New York City writers, they have created a site that embodies whole healthy living. From what's new in exercise, to heatlhy recipes, to interviews with conscious living people, and so much more. There is a plethora of topics to read from, all of which will get you out of your seat and motivated. It's a good one.


6. Tara Stiles, Yoga teacher, NYC, owner of Strala Yoga. I have been a Stiles fan for a very long time. She was one of the first "celebrity" yoga teachers I learned about. I've learned through the years that there are a lot of "Stiles hates," for reasons I can't understand. Model turned yoga teacher, she's raw and vulnerable about her past with eating disorders, and she's straight up weird and fun. A combination I can relate to. Her fashion sense is confusing, but she'll put a smile on your face. Her approach to nutrition is something I agree with, and she stresses "ease and fun" in her approach to yoga. If ever in NYC hit up her studio, Strala, and take a class.


7. Fig + Yarrow, Denver based Apothecary. Not only am I a big supporter of shopping local so I have pride in this company, but what they are doing is brilliant. Creating simple, chic, and desirable herbal products for your body and home. From Cardamom + Coffee Body Scrub to Cornmint Lavendar Tooth Powder (right?), this company has something desirable for all of your herbal self-care needs.


8. Hackwith Design, Lisa Hackwith, Designer. Although this line is not totally in my budget, I've been inspired by this label for a while, and love seeing what pops up on this Instagram feed. The feeling here with these clothes is effortless and simple. I love a good site and good clothes that are beautifully curated and well made. Maybe it's because I am always in yoga clothes that I long for these moveable, flowy pieces.


9. Kinfolk, Magazine + Book. I ordered The Kinfolk Table last year and use it as a statement piece on my coffee table, as well as a resource for delicious recipes. The magazines are well curated and well designed. I love the stories of people and places that they share, and they always make me want to travel. Their goal and moto is "slow living," Just what we all need amongst the chaos of this face paced world. They strive to inspire people to take a slow morning with their coffee and oatmeal, and to pause. Something we talk about in yoga as well. It's just an all around good idea.


10. Anodea Judith, Writer, therapist, spiritual teacher, + found of Sacred Centers. Anodea is a new one of me. When I started reading her book a few months back, Eastern Body Western Mind, I got really curious about her. I among many others have been drawn to her approach towards human compassion and our potential to thrive on this earth. She is so well educated and her knowledge in spirituality, the subtle body, yoga, and the human mind. Her passion for humans as individuals to "wake up" is touching and I believe she is a healer that all of us could benefit from. Check out Sacred Centers as well as her books. She is truly enlightening.


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