An Inspiration of Partial Truths

The past few weeks of my life have been a direct outcome of manifestations. I added a new component of my business, and made it a goal to get 5 new clients for health coaching in 2015. Two months after I announced that I was taking on clients, I had 4 people sign up for my health coaching program. I certainly wasn't expecting that, but embraced it with open arms as it's what I wanted. And it has been nothing but incredible. Week after week I run around town (Denver + Boulder) meeting clients, teaching yoga, and massaging people out of my home. Busy is not even a sufficient word to describe my life. Although it is, I am thriving. I often run into friends and ask them how they are doing and they respond, "Busy, but it's really good!" Ain't that the truth. We ask and we receive. Now all that is left is handling your new busy life with grace.

I have a home, and domestic partner, and a cat as well. I am anal about the cleanliness of my space, and the design of my space. Some might say I spend too much time working the details of my home, but maintaining a clean and beautiful home keeps me grounded. It's in my nature to tend to people. I like making my boyfriend smoothies in the morning, making dinner at night, ensuring that all the laundry is clean and folded, and that there are always fresh candles in the house so it smells good. I certainly take on a lot that isn't necessarily asked of me. I find many women are this way. Men too, but more women that I know in my life. I live on a pretty large lot in the Highlands that requires constant maintaince. Mowing, gardening, weeding, watering, etc. All these things I also take care of. In my own free will of course. I am a multi-faceted person with endless hobbies and passions, and I make it a priority to fulfill all of them. The reality, however, is that it can get stressful.

Every once in a while I have those days where I envy people with 9-5 jobs who's only activity is going to the gym in the morning, and hanging out with friends on the weekends. Life seems simple. But then I check out of that and realize how lucky I am to have the flexibility that I do around my work and my life. My parents raised me with the philosophy that it's important to find what I am passionate about and do that. To travel, to learn.

I recently read a blog post from one of my favorite bloggers, Sarah Yates (A House in the Hills). She got real in one of her recent posts. She was honest that her whole life isn't perfectly fluffed pillows and gourmet plated meals. That she often gets angry and rude and unkind, that she used to be overweight and depressed. I found a lot of respect in this blog post of hers. Because it was real and honest.

That is the reality in my life as well. What I photograph and cook and do in my life are all real things. But on the same coin, things are not always as pretty. I reflect a lot on how I can make my life as easeful and uplifting as possible. So that when things do get hard, I have the right people around me. It's become more and more clear to me that as we get older and become adults, it is in our own best interest to pick and choose the people that understand you the most, that uplift you in the hard times, and laugh with you during the good times. My friend Beth recently said to me, "I just don't think you should ever have to explain yourself for not wanting to do something that doesn't align with your life, to your friends." When you find the right people in your life, those reasons become mutual understandings.

When you have a busy ambitious life, the most important thing at the end of the day is that the right people are by your side to make your life come full circle. I think it is wise to re-evaluate friendships, careers, hobbies, etc, and ask the questions. Find out what is working and what isn't working, and go from there. Life is short.

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