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I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately on my life. Growing up reading was never a priority for me. I always loved the idea of reading because my mom was an editor at New York City's largest book publishing company back in the day, and she has the ability to read Anna Karenina in three days, fly through books and absorb everything. It's a real gift that I wish I had. Lately, however, because of where I am in my life I have been more inspired than ever to read and find some deeper understanding of what it is I am looking for.

To find the blessings in our lives is not very difficult. But to truly feel them and accept that we have so much abundance is the challenge. At the moment I have 20 pages left in Thrive, a book by Arianna Huffington, and as many of you know I have not been able to put it down. To be honest I am nervous about this book ending because it has offered so much clarity and insight to my life that I'm sad to leave the words when it's over. This is the second book I have finished in two months, Grain Brain being the first, which must be a record. And the amazing part is that I have set aside my next book. One I have been meaning to read for a long time but didn't really realize how significant it was in life. Man's Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl (blog post to come in a few months when I finish). So what is it that I am looking for?

I have realized something about myself, as I am a person highly interested in personal self growth. I am a person who doesn't handle stress very well, and I get stressed more than I like to admit. Stress is not only common among most of Americans, but it is also the leading cause of most disease and death. Scary right? I had no idea I was this way until my boyfriend pointed in out over an argument recently. And of course my first reaction was denial... but I let that feedback settle in, and turns out it is quite true. House guests, too much work, home improvements, having to accomplish too much in a week, deadlines, and more. Things that I willingly take on because I think they will bring me joy and excitment, end up causing stress. How? I think I am a delicate sensitive creature. The key is to figure out how to take each moment with grace and care and impliment every tool you have to decrease stress and be present.

Reading is one great way to reconnect and recharge, because it allows you to think about things in a different way, and move away from the though process we can get stuck in. I've also ditched TV right before bed, as well as the iPhone, social media, and all other technologies. For me scrolling through people's "feeds" out of pure intrigue stimulates my brain in an unecessary way that effects my sleep. So my most recent solution for my before bed activity is writing. Short writing. A gratitiude list. What are five things I am grateful for? Every day, before bed. It is amazingly challenging to dig deep and go past the obvious components like, "my boyfriend, my cat, my job, etc." But to really go deep into the fundamentals, to think about what life lessons you drew from that day that you can take to bed with you for a restful sleep. Try it and see how it shifts your mental energy.

When self-care is calling to you, when a new way of living is calling to you, I recommend listening to that deep feeling and following through with it, no matter if you know the purpose or not. I'm not sure why I am being called to change some lifestyle routines of mine, but all I know is that it is good, and it is taking me somewhere. Time is always to answer to all life's plaguing questions... just give it time.

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