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Almost three years ago I was working at a retail shop in Highlands Square (Denver, CO), and in walked a bright eyed woman full of fantastic energy. Her name is Carrie Krane. Carrie and I got to talking and she told me about a new studio she was opening on Tennyson St. called The Dailey Method. This style of fitness is based all around alignment while safely and intelligently working all the muscles. It combines elements of Barre, Yoga, Pilates, and much more to create a fully dynamic and revolutionary work out. The environment is really what makes this experience exciting and well worth it.

When Carrie opened the studio I gave it a few tries but because of my crazy business schedule didn't make time for it. Until now. I have always been a believer in cross training. You will never find me just doing yoga, or just running, or just climbing, I prefer to do it all. I consider myself a strong individual and physically fit. But I have been shocked at how challenging TDM has been for me. I have never taken a class in my life that focused so much of it's attention on core strength. All of the work you do in that studio is detail oriented. You will never get away with cheating or slacking. The instructors are so well trained that they know when you're doing your best.

When you get to the studio, there are tons of smiling faces, people chatting before and after class; immediately positive. Then you grab your cute little grippy socks and head in. The studio space is orange and green, mirrors everywhere, loud music playing, and people getting ready to get their butts kicked. The warm up begins and within a few minutes you are on the ground in "high C curve" working on abdominal exercises. Literally exhausting the muscles... and that's how it goes for every exercise. Exhaust the muscles until you are shaking. I am three weeks in and feeling amazing. It is such an incredible compliment to my yoga practice, and my strength, definition in my muscles, and energy levels are all increasing by the class.

I think by now most people are catching on to reality that exercise is good for your mood; but something about TDM gets it even more. I have been practicing yoga for 12 years, and going on 5 years of teaching, and I swear by my practice. But I question whether stillness is always what we need to reconnect and get back to ourselves. Maybe letting go and enjoying some fun music with new people can do just the same thing for you. Allow you to get out of negative cyclical thought patterns, and open you up to a new way of thinking. I guess what I am realizing is that both are good, and for me, both are now crucial. I don't go to TDM expecting the same feeling I get from yoga. I specifically go to feel something else. Energized and happy. Those are two powerful words in life. To be able to find a place where both things exist without question is just so lovely to me.

At TDM your first class is free, and you will never be intimidated because it's just not that kind of place. And for all your mom's out there with young children, they also have childcare, bonus! With so many diet trends, and exercise fads, it can be tough to find something that works for you as an individual, and if you're struggling to find what that thing is (outside of yoga of course), head over the 44th + Tennyson and try your first class.

All of the instructors are fabulous, but make sure you stop in to experience lovely Miss Carrie Krane, because she is a real gem, folks. So grateful to have this studio in our community. I took a moment this weekend to ask Carrie what she loved the most about The Dailey Method. Here are a few words from the owner.

1. I love how balanced it is – in terms of balancing out the body and working the whole body, in terms of effort and ease, strength and stretch, fun and mindfulness, intensity and smiles.

2. TDM is always evolving and I feel, at our core, everyone at TDM, starting w/ Jill Dailey, is always a student. We all love to learn in everything we do.

3. Most of all, I love the students and the community. To see so many TDM students standing taller, smiling and feeling amazing is a truly humbling and awesome thing.

4. The class never gets easy and as you continue to learn and gain new body awareness, it continues to get more challenging over time.


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