2016 Must Read Books of the Year

So far this year has been such an inspiring year for me. I have learned so much from every area of my work, been through fall outs with friends, become more focused in my career, and truly learned a lot about myself. A big part of this was my desire to slow down and go inward. I did this through reading and writing, and I have produced a list of books that I think everybody should be reading. These are in no particular order, they all have served an amazing purpose in my learning. I hope you enjoy!

1. Eastern Body Western Mind, Anodea Judith

This book takes us through all seven chakras, and explains the link between our emotional trauma and physical stress. A must read especially for women planning to become mothers. A reference for life.

2. Grain Brain, David Perlmutter

Even though I came to my own conclusion that I don't want to live a gluten free life, this book breaks down exactly the science behind the link between Alzheimer's and gluten. If it's something you want to explore, this is the right book for you.

3. Thrive, Arianna Huffington

I cannot stop talking about this book. Arianna Huffington truly changed the way I think about success. I have learned to embrace my work and move slow and trust the process, and also know that my value is not determined by the dollar, but moreso the passion and love I put into it. A quick and inspiring read.

4. Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert

There are so many words and almost no words at all to explain my love for this book and for Elizabeth Gilbert. She is so raw and if you are looking to find that balance between reality and your creative passions, this is the book for you. She explains in a real way what creative living is all about, and how we our creative drive is not responsible for our fate. It is a two way street, dive in and you will feel both relieved and inspired, and I promise you won't want this one to end.

5. The Boys in the Boat, Daniel James Brown

I am going to be honest, I just started this one. But I just want to read inspiring books that will continue to move me forward in life in a way that supports my knowledge and my creative path. This book is an amazing story of exactly what it states on the cover. Already the character development of these boys living a hard working blue collar life makes you want to know and understand their success. I'll keep you posted, but I suggest picking it up before it becomes a major motion picture.

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