My First Ever Cleanse

My Chai + My Juice

A few weeks ago a new juice company out of Fort Collins, Wunder Juice, emailed me and wanted to chat. Rory, a girl I had connected with a year earlier, told me they were interested in having my try their 3 day juice cleanse to see how I would feel. As somebody who has dedicated their life to health and wellness throughout their adult life, I was open to it. The interesting part about me agreeing to this is that I really don't believe in these types of cleanses. But that is a bold statement, because what I really mean is, I don't believe in them for me. I like the girls in charge of this company, and their mission is pure and light hearted, something I can get down with. I had a three way phone call with Andrea and Rory, the women running the show, and we talked about how this would work. 6 juices a day, including a bone broth for the evening and a nut milk for extra nourishment and protein. I was convinced I would be able to do it, even though I was terrified. I have a clean diet as is, so the idea of cleansing more was scary. But I must say, what got me to do it in the end was how inviting and warm these women were about it; a no pressure situation, that took the scare factor down a few notches.

Saturday morning my juices were delivered so that I could start bright and early Monday morning. I spent the weekend mentally preparing, practicing my favorite yoga styles, taking barre classes, and cutting out sugar for extra measure. I definitely felt ready for this. 3 days, I could do it.

I woke up at 6am on Monday as I do every day, and took a few breaths as I opened my first drink; apple, cayenne, and maple syrup. Refreshing and nice. I headed off to the yoga studio to teach my morning hot yoga class, came out of the studio at the end up and opened up my second drink. A cleansing lemon and chia drink. By the time I got home around 10:30am I was started to feel light headed, achy, and tired. I got worried. So I contacted Rory and we had a chat. My plan to do 3 full days of juicing shifted as I quickly realized that I would need to eat some food on this cleanse. So I took a few moments to see how I could still cleanse but stay sustained and be able to complete. As a person who works for myself and has obligations to clientele, I needed to find another way.

So here was my plan: drink all 6 juices every day AND cut out dairy, gluten, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, corn, and soy. That's a lot of food groups! But it left me with clean options, and only clean options. At night I was able to add brown rice (a very Ayurvedic approach) and veggies to my bowl. I was able to eat a little bit of fish and kale, and the one the that really got me through was my homemade caffeine free herbal chai. Delicious.

I almost always make my own almond milk (and so should you because it is so easy!), so I made my chai, steamed some almond milk, added a little raw honey, and that was my best friend for three days in the morning. In the afternoon I chose a really delicious nutritive herbal tea to add vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to my day. If I had to pick the hardest part of the cleanse it was eliminating my morning cup of coffee. My boyfriend roasts coffee for a living and owns a coffee bar in downtown Denver, so it's a huge part of our life together. But what I realized was that more than really wanting coffee in the morning, it was a warm delicious beverage I really wanted, hence the chai... it's the feeling of ritual that gets me through my days, and having morning rituals is what allows me to find space and stillness.

By day three I was feeling great. I eliminated all inflammatory foods and even better than I was able to before, I could really tap into my body's language and eat more intuitively. That is the purpose of my work. I am a health coach, thai massage therapist, yoga teacher, and herbalist. My whole soul being revolves around living life intuitively and that means food as well. I have recommended this cleanse to many people. The juices are tasty, the bone broths are spectacular and if you are looking for a way to decrease inflammation in the body, this is a good way to go. Fabulous job Wunder Juice!

If you are looking for guidance with eating during the cleanse or anymore information on my experience please feel free to shoot my an email at, happy cleansing!

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