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One of my favorite things about changing seasons is the food that comes with it. Our bodies have always been designed to eat seasonally, to eat the things that are growing naturally in the winter. We receive the great benefit of picking up the consitutions of the plant make up we consume. The grounding, calming energy of root vegetables and the energizing minerals from citrus. Next time you go to the grocery store, spend some extra time in the vegetable section looking at the food and what is different about the options. More squash, berries, citrus, different types of greens and nightshades. Take advantage and learn how to use them! Challenge yourself to try eggplant if you never have before, or a blackberry puree. The options are endless.

I love waking up in the morning to a fresh grapefuit. When I was a kid I always put sugar on it to reduce the bitterness, but as an adult it is something I embrace. It is how it was inteded to be consumed... nothing added. Pure simple delicious vibrant grapefruit. Enjoy it with a piece of ancient grain toast topped with almond butter, and a cup of warm tea of coffee for my coffee lovers out there (myself included).

For lunch my new favorite thing to eat is an eggplant hummus veggie wrap. Here is the trick with eggplant. Growing up my dad never cooked it down enough for me so I never liked it, but baking it until it is CRISPY is absolutely necessary.

Oven 400 degrees

THINLY sliced eggplant

Drizzle olive oil and sea salt

Bake for 20 minutes or until crispy...

Take the wrap of your choice, flour or corn, and toast it a little in the oven.

Spread plain hummus, add your baked eggplant, chop up some dinosaur kale that you have massaged in lemon juice and olive oil, top with feta cheese and cracked sea salt.

It is truly perfection. I promise. A hearty winter lunch that is completely satisfactory. Add a side dish of fresh blackberries for a little sweet action :)

For dinner pick up an acorn squash, bake it, stuff it with veggies, sausage and quinoa and you are done. Don't miss out on eating seasonally, it is better for your health and your mind and body with thrive!

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