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I have to brag for a moment. This year I successfully bought all of my gifts locally... Something I always strive for, but do not always do. Since it's not Christmas time yet, I won't write down all the things I bought (spoiler alert) but I will tell you where I bought them. Denver is growing in it's artisan scene, and it makes me so happy.

As somebody who does her best to make things at home and use higher quality products, being able to go out and find a reliable product that has been made with care is a big deal. Something unique, special, and tells a story. The craftsmanship of things sold locally can't be found in commercial retail stores. Don't get me wrong, there are certainly plenty of days I go to Target for my life things, but for gifts, those are special and deserve a little bit of a search, a treasure hunt if you will.

I know price is important to most of us, definitely me, so I have found a mixture of affordable goods, and some that are a tad bit harder to find and more expensive.

1. Sub Rosa Mercantile | Maddie has a shop located on 44th + Zuni where she has brought together all of your well made plant based products and provisions. From activated charcoal masks (my personal favorite and only $16) to bath salts, candles, and small leather goods, the price ranges anywhere from $15- $200, with plenty of choices inbetween. I rely on her shop for most of my self care products. She will not dissapoint.



The first thing I ever purchased at Sub Rosa....No regrets.

2. Hazel & Dewey | Jenna Miles is the kitchen queen of Denver, and my go to for simple meets quality. My favorite things to buy from her on stocking stuffers. Whether it be salt bowls, cocktail equipment, pantry items, tea towels, or more, there is something for everybody. One of these days I will spend a little bit more on some beautiful French cookware, but for now, it's small items. Every time I shop here I feel a little spark light up. The environment is warm and cozy, and there is always something new and exciting. Located in the historic Baker neighborhood, this shop is a must.



3. Veak Ceramics | Although Sarah Veak has no storefront, there is no shortage of ceramics, and you can find them in a few places. I think that is one of the things I most love about these ceramics. When she does a pop up shop it feels like the most exciting day ever. Denver Flea, Hazel & Dewey, Craftsman + Apprentice, a new brewery parking lot... you never know with this one. But as a mug freak, I can say for sure her ceramics are the best I have ever come by. I won't say for who, but lots of family received gifts from this amazing woman this year. Check out her etsy page and get on the Veak wagon.


Etsy: Veak Ceramics

Every single morning I have my coffee in Sarah's mug. I swear it tastes better out of her designs.

4. Rivernorth Workshop Co. | I am the proud neigbor and friend of the amazing woman who started Rivernorth Workshop Co. Alicia has worked her toosh of for a very long time to make this space happen. Natural light, floor to ceiling shelving, a steel ladder that everybody dreams of having in their home, and specially crafted products just for this shop. You can find everything from Remy + Rose bath products, homemade soaps created by her husband, Jason, and the great things like throw pillows, cutting boards, and beautiful planters. Not only is the retail space amazing, but this shop is also a workshop. Be sure to check out her instagram and her website for monthly workshops on creating product for the home and anything DIY.



Stunning, Stunning, Stunning shop.

5. Berkeley Supply | Not only do I just love Eli Cox so much, but he is also a kickass shop owner. This one is for the men. Fine leather goods, high quality button downs, anything by Filson, and some seriously cool leather boots, it's pretty tough to go wrong in the gift department when you're buying at Berkeley. It's got style. You will most likely strike up a pretty great conversation while you're there as well, I suggest you head over there quickly. Right in the heart of the Highlands on Tennyson street, this American Made shop is just the ticket.

@ berkeleysupply


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