Clare's Refrigerator: A Peek Inside

If you're anything like me, you are a bit curious when you go to your friends houses. A little peak into the fridge and pantry to see what they eat... anybody else do that? I know I have friends that do that when they come to my house. It always makes me laugh, always looking to see how everybody else is doing the food things. I completely get it. It's hard to know how to eat these days, but I just eat how I want to. Good food, mostly plants, clean... with the dose of sugar here and there :) Because it is tasty and I like to indulge. I thought I would show you guys what I keep in my fridge, and I I'll be honest, I cleaned it before taking these photos... it's not always like this, but the products inside are regulars in my house. Let's go from top to bottom.


The beverage shelf. Things I always have is lots of fluids. The first thing I do every morning is take a tablespoon of probiotics by Inner-Eco, the berry flavored kind. It's great for digestion and helps balance pH in your body. I always have coconut water and almond milk in my fridge for smoothies, and almond milk for my afternoon cup of black tea and honey. The half and half is for the occasional morning that I want it in my coffee, most mornings I drink it black, but every once in a while I need the cream. The juice is for my boyfriend, and the wine is for both of us. I drink a glass of wine at the end of the day 3-4 times a week. Yum.


These shelves are for my go-to's. Fresh eggs, tons and tons of fruit, YOGURT and leftovers! Eggs are a staple in my diet; I eat them every day. Whether it be scrambled, fried, hard boiled, or poached, I am eating eggs. Fruit is also a staple. I use frozen organic fruit for my smoothies, and save the fresh stuff for snacks. Apples and berries frequent my kitchen and never go to waste. For me, yogurt has 1 million uses. I buy plain full fat greek yogurt. It is great alone with some honey and granola, or whip it up with some siracha for fish tacos. I also keep this around in bulk because I love to make homemade honey + yogurt face masks (that post is for another time!). I am the queen of leftovers. I always make enough to have for 2 or 3 days. Right now I have the blue tupperware which holds roasted brussels sprouts and potatoes, the middle tupperware is Kitchari (a cultural Indian dish), and home made split pea and ham soup. Delicious.


The famous cheese drawer. YES I EAT CHEESE. It's my favorite food group. I currently have fresh feta in water, goat cheese, and asiago. I use it for taste and flavor in my food and also just with crackers alone. I love honey smoked salmon, My boyfriend got me hooked on this stuff, and it's a great source of protein and omega's. You'll always find flour and corn tortillas here, and at the moment we have Lefsa, a Norweigan potato flour tortilla. My boyfriends mother is Norweigen and her friend makes it from scratch... it's a total treat. I''ll usually have some yummy nitrate-free bacon and sausage in here too.

The veggie drawer can be tricky. Right now it's stocked with dinosaur kale, bok choy, peppers and eggplant. I have heeps of sweet potatoes as well, but I don't refrigerate those. Not shown is mushrooms, which I also eat every day. I like to keep things in bags to keep the freshness, and I may start shopping them immediately because it's normal for most people to buy tons of veggies and forget about them. I do my best to buy the veggies I know will get eaten within three days.

The bottom drawer which you cannot see has a huge bag of organic coconut flour for my famous coconut flour pancakes, and a bag of garden seeds that I keep refrigerated until spring time comes to be planted. A great way to keep seeds fresh.

I hope this gives you some inspiration!

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