The How-To On Taking Herbs Daily

Herbalism | The study of plants as medicine.

It is one of my goals to help people understand better how herbs can be a part of your daily life. They have changed mine so drastically that I know personally they do not need to be consumed only when you are sick or suffering from an acute problem. I think often times it is assumed that herbs are a go-to for taking care of sickness, which they are in many cases, such as one would do with Benedryl or Mucinex. But I would love to start shifting the conversation to how do we use herbs every day, how can they support our minds and our bodies; not only to uplift our immune systems and energy, but also to prevent disease from arriving at all.

We all struggle with something. Anxiety, ADD, depression, dermatitis, joint pain, etc. And I can speak for myself, that as much as I strive for a healthy lifestyle, I still have days here and there where I need support. Perhaps I haven't had enough vegetables, or I have had too much sugar, or not enough nutrients. A great thing to do on a day like that is drink a warm and lovely nutritive tea. And not just one cup, but 2! This is a great place to start when you are incorporating herbs into your daily life.

What are nutritive herbs?

These herbs are a class of plants that are rich in vitamins and minerals and are highly alkalizing, which is necessary for countering the effects of too much acid in the body. We get a lot of acid in our body's when we eat too much processed foods, coffee, and animal products. Unfortunately, having too much acid in the body can lead to joint pain, osteoporosis, gout, etc. So get those nutrients in your body! Tea is a great way too do it because it doesn't require any time consuming cooking (not that you don't need to eat veggies still!), but like I said, on those days where you haven't made time for healthy eating, drinking your nutritive tea is wonderful. I like to make a french press of nutritive tea so that I can drink it all day if I want to. 4-5 tablespoons of herb.

My favorite nutritive herbs |

Alfalfa: Pea family plant. Immune boosting, decreases absorption of cholesterol, and prevents heart disease.

Nettle: Adrenal tonic, antioxidant, circulatory stimulant, diuertic, anti-allergy. Improve acne, cellulite, + obesity.

Oatstraw: Relaxes nerves, strengthens nervous system, eases anxiety, aids in exhaustion +post traumatic stress.

Red Clover: High in calcium, magnesium and potassium, reduces hot flashes, slows bone loss + boosts bone mineral density.

Another great way to take herbs daily, especially if you are prone to stress, are adaptogens. These are great for most of us considering life throws us curveballs and we suffer from stress daily.

What are adaptogens?

Simply put, adaptogens help us adapt to stress and the environment, but they do more than that as well. They are a great tonic and also boost your general well-being. Stress is something we all deal with, and having plants on your side to support you through it brings a wonderful peace of mind. They are also non-toxic and safe.

My favorite adaptogenic herbs |

Gotu Kola: Cerebral + endocrine tonic, treats amnesia + dementia, revitalizes brain cells, helps with memory.

Ashwaganda: Helps the body acclimate to stress, promotes memory + learning, strengthening tonic.

Holy Basil: Treats respiratory ailments, nerve restorative, calms anxiety, helps with sleep.

Cordyceps: Anti-cancer benefits, combats fatigue + muscle weakness, increases stamina + brain function.

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