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I think it is common in our world that we live our lives rooted in belief systems that came about because of how we were raised, how we grew up, and the struggles + successes we experienced. For me growing up was a struggle because of my learning disabilities. And for a long time I definitely identified myself as the "ADHD girl" because school was hard and I was on several different medications for 13 years of my life. I went to a private school my whole life until I went to Ithaca, which was also a privileged liberal arts college, and both felt like environments with pretty high expectations. College was easier because I developed a love for Sociology in my first year and really enjoyed going to class and fulfilling my major.

Because of the obstacles that I faced going to school every day, I was forced to work through them and find the best possible study skills and organizational skills that were going to help me.

Ritalin, Imiprimine, Adderall, etc, I was on it all. And my junior year of college I went cold turkey. I wanted to do it alone and I did. At 29 years old I now have the tools and skills to really utilize my knowledge and brain power to be smart, productive, attentive, and interested. The place where I am right now in my life is one that is thoughtful. My relationships, my job, my passions, my food, my health, etc... It is all intentional. So when I look at the medicine that I put in my body it is for a purpose. I've had the blessing in my life to have been introduced to herbs over the past two years, and I have been drawn to some in particular that have been ultra supportive and loving to me in my life. It took many years to break the victim mentality around my learning disabilities to turn into a confident woman who owns her knowledge. To continue on that path and in that direction, you take all the help you can get.

Staying focused in a problem for so many of us. So I introduce to you the very special herb


Gotu Kola is so so cool. I won't say I regret my past and my relationship with medication because I only have my current outcome and not any other, but I do wish I had known about this herb a long time ago. But I have it now. I refuse to take prescription meds, so I've got my galpal now.

This herb is a nervine, an herb that supports the nervous system, and as my whole post has been leaning towards, is wonderful for mental concentration. Elephants have a great memory because they eat gotu kola daily in their natural diets, and it can have the same effect on us. In Thailand it is actually used as a cooking herb, and that can certainly be done, but I prefer to take it in a tincture. I talked briefly about gotu kola in my last blog post because it is an amazing adaptogen, which helps us reduce stress and acclimate to our environments. Take it in the morning with your breakfast and start you day off in the right direction.

One of my favorite reference books for more information!

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